Our purchasing department specializes in supply chain management, logistics, and purchasing to meet all of our clients’ production demands.

We have built an excellent working relationship with some of the world’s leading suppliers to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries and as a result, Oilexe has become an established agent and distributor to several renowned manufactures worldwide such as BUCK & HICK-MAN and PENTAIR (formally Tyco Valves)

We are able to access original sources of spare parts used in the energy sector enabling us to provide a comprehensive service. Also, we’re able to offer refurbished and/or alternative manufacturers of equipment, giving the end-user a further option when considering high-value tenders (bids).

Also, we have put into place a number of service agreements with renowned manufacturers, major mills, and suppliers from across the EU, North America, the Far East, and the sub-Continent

From valves to vessels, our purchasing department can deal with all types of requests and handle projects/orders involving all amounts/sizes/quantities according to our clients’ needs.


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